Saturday, May 21, 2005

My big little brother Posted by Hello

Tom Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Cousins in matching suits Posted by Hello

Aunty Helen Posted by Hello

Papa Peter Posted by Hello

Cousins Posted by Hello

Playing in a stream on our way home to Hokitika Posted by Hello

Almost! Posted by Hello

Catch! Posted by Hello

They ARE nice... Posted by Hello

Damaris and Grandma Posted by Hello

Samuel and his cat, Pluto Posted by Hello

Come and get it! Posted by Hello

Can I have one? Posted by Hello

Crab apples...mmm... Posted by Hello

In Greta Valley with Uncle Samuel and Lambik Posted by Hello

Olivia Hall and Kadesh playing BOO!!! Posted by Hello

All benevolence, all smiles Posted by Hello

Plane flies overhead to the airport. Posted by Hello

Kiss for Ted? Posted by Hello

Smiles! Dimples! Posted by Hello

Couch cuddle time. Posted by Hello

This is how Mummy does it, Rissie. Posted by Hello

Gift basket Posted by Hello

Family photo: from Back, left to right: Helen with Kadesh, Lachlan McEwen (Diana's father) with Kristen, Kim with Damaris. Front, left to right: Derek, Peter, Zac (the dog) Samuel, Diana, Pippy (the dog) Posted by Hello