Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Standing on our house pad with our back to the creek, facing south, looking down our driveway which curves around the group of pine trees in the right of the picture. There is a pond in among the pine trees and they are on Peter and Helen's half of the property.

Flying proud in Greta Valley. This was our present to Tom, who has just completed his first year of his engineering diploma

Pieter and Sheila van Gent visit Greta Valley

"Mum! Look at 'Litha's hat!"

The little yellow dot in the centre of the picture is Sam on the roller

Standing on our house pad and looking at our back yard towards the creek. This has all been sown in grass. We are just waiting for the grass to grow.

Sitting up like a big girl

You can't say there isn't a family resemblence...

Rissie is very proud of her little sister, loves to play with her, and is very cuddly!

All three together

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Kim, Rissie, and Tam

Like mother... daughter

Flying our 'kite' - shopping bag on a string

With our new bike.

Little shady

Little chef

Daisy Maiden

Buttercup Maiden

Land developments...

Basically, this is our yard...

Our house pad

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dank U wel, Tante Rita!

Big girl swinging

In the swing set Uncle Peter and Aunty Helen gave us

Just Litha

Kadesh and Litha

Rissie showing Talitha the intricasies of pretending that a calculator is a cellphone while Kadesh has the 'real thing' sitting next to her

with 'Pa' - great grandfather. He came for a visit and bought the girls some books.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

October 06 - book buddies. It's all about homeschooling!

October 06 - Very sedate...

...but appearances can be deceiving...

...but it's all fun!

Hannah and Helene, aunty and oma, enjoy Peter and Helen's latest visitor... she didn't bring much luggage, and apparently means to stay...

Another wee miracle...

...Bethany Helen was born on 25th of September, Monday afternoon, weighing (about) 7lb13, or about 3.6kg

September 06 - 'Litha...

...just hangin' in there.

Dozing with Dad

a combined effort to vacuum the floor

September 06 - We three.

We borrowed a toy. Things were a bit onesided.

Progress on the land - from this... this

September 06 - little baker watching the bread maker

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Digging out the land!