Thursday, December 29, 2011

There have been some changes to Blogger.  Clicking on a picture now gives you a quicker, nicer enlargement of a photo.

Also, my computer has crashed, and has taken to its grave our email address book.  Sam will do his utmost to retrieve this, but if you could send us an email, we could ensure you were back in our address book.

The Portico

See for details!

Enoch deciding that, with his new Christmas present from Uncle Peter and Aunty Helen, and a lot of encouragement from Rissie, walking might not be too bad after all.

Enoch's Introduction to Olives


Aren't these meant to be grapes?

Just a minute...

That's better!

Christmas Day at Lake Kaniere

The Blights' new boat

We borrowed this for the day.

Enoch in eclipse

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Talitha Reading 'Greedy Cat'

Ira's Introduction to Relighting Candles

The encouragements came verbally from most of the family and in the form of some hearty blowing from two year old Cousin Joshua at the other end of the table.  From what you can hear of him, you can imagine we were thankful he wasn't anywhere near the cake!

A stop on Can't-Remember-Which-River on our way home from a wedding in Motueka





Progress on the garden the children call "Aunty Cecile's garden" because she helped to make it.  Thank you, Cecile, and Boudewijn and Nguyet for your help and contributions!

Daffodils under the feijoa trees

Our blow up armchair - thank you Uncle Sam!!!  The only problem we've had with it is its popularity - they can't all sit on it at once!
For Labour Weekend the Baron family and Jake came to Hokitika for Kim's birthday.

Jake, trying to keep 'seagulls' from blighting his car.





Mum and Dad Baron

Jake, Marijke, and Li'l Sam, who isn't so little any longer


The truck that lifted the beams into place.

The truck that poured the concrete for the beams and the new step.

The new step - thank you, Pete!

 Home improvements!  Putting in the posts for the portico.

 Baby chicks!

Rissie and Cousin Kristen

Ira is four!

Blowing out candles - Kadesh decked him out in all his finery...

A happy four year old

Should I be worried about this?

Rithie ith mithing her teeth.

The photo doesn't do them justice...

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Marching Band

Enoch talking to his card from Opa

Enoch on the Piano

The marching band

What they'll do when you let 'em lose in the back yard with play dough