Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Our French Pass Holiday

Four families in our church went camping and fishing at French Pass - eight adults and fourteen children. Here are photos from our trip.

Driving down to French Pass, looking over Golden Bay. You can just see the hills of Motueka in the distance, and the point of D'Urville Island on the right. French Pass is the narrow channel of water between the island and the mainland.

French Pass on the right.

You can see the turbulence of the water in the Pass. We did get up close in the boat, and it is fascinating to see what the water does - it swirls and rushes in great whirlpools and irregular white horses.

Our travelling outfit.

Dolphins! Sam and I got very close to them in our Canadian canoe one evening.

The catch of the week!

Collecting jelly fish became a favourite pastime

Six! Kadesh saw six dolphins as they played in the wake of the motorboat.

Seal spotting

Ever had a wave from a seal?

A picnic on D'Urville Island
After a man's day fishing

Ready to go

All set to go fishing!

Kadesh - anchors aweigh!

Reece, Talitha, and Kristen in secret conclave

Kadesh's catch

The dining area... and yes, it usually looked like this...

Our tent - straight out the door and onto the beach. It made for a hurried pack up on Sunday morning because of a tsunami warning.

Story time with Uncle Sam - a very popular nightly camp ritual.