Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Marching Band

Enoch talking to his card from Opa

Enoch on the Piano

The marching band

What they'll do when you let 'em lose in the back yard with play dough
Below are Marijke and Jake's photos of their engagement party. Please click on 'older posts' as you get to the bottom of the page to continue looking at the series.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Jake and Marijke's Engagement Party

Barbeque blokes

Jake's father, Jum (centre), and uncle (right) frying hard.

Jake's sisters - Sargia and Jasmine

James, Jake's younger brother

Ruth and Leigh Love

David Love, Enoch Blight, and Heath Perrett. These three party-goers were all born June/July last year.

Opening gifts


Thank you, everyone!

Snow in Greta Valley

Nearly 30cm of snow in Greta Valley the week before Marijke's Engagement Party. That the Pass was open and the weather fine for the party was an answer to much prayer!

Mark and Phebe's Wedding

We went to Motueka for this very special wedding

Trip to Palmerston North

Waiting for the Picton ferry.

Our trip was to surprise Anne, Samuel's aunt, for her 70th birthday

Riding the train at the Esplanade in Palmerston North between lunch and afternoon tea at Aunty Anne's party.

Aunty Anne and her cake.

Waiting for the tour to start at Owlcatraz in Shannon. It was very child friendly and the kids and adults enjoyed it.

The train ride at Owlcatraz